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Lenexa deck builders require strong code knowledge. Most local building departments use the Johnson County Residential Deck Handbook as a guide, written by Lenexa's former building official.

In 1854, the Shawnee Tribe owned the site where Lenexa is now located. Each member of the tribe was allotted 200 acres of land, which couldn't be sold without the President's permission. The Kansas-Nebraska Act of that year created the Kansas Territory, but Lenexa's lands were still not available for settlement due to previous reasons. After the act, political turmoil began. It is likely that deck builders in Lenexa were not mandated to acquire permits during that period.

According to a legend, Lenexa was named after Shawnee Chief Thomas Blackhoof's wife, who was recorded on census records as Na-Nex-Se and Len-Ag-See. However, by 1870, she was no longer listed on any Johnson County census and was presumed dead.

Lenexa's origins began after the Civil War when Charles A. Bradshaw purchased 160 acres of former Shawnee lands. Many Shawnee were willing to sell their lands and move to the Oklahoma Indian Territories. Bradshaw agreed to negotiate with agents for the Missouri River, Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad for railroad right-of-way on the condition that the railroad would maintain a depot on the land. In 1869, Octave Chanute, a civil engineer, purchased 41.5 acres near the railroad right-of-way from Bradshaw and platted the town of Lenexa. Three men from Jackson County, Missouri, purchased the property from Chanute. Lenexa was born in 1869, and the post office was established at Sherman in 1865 was moved to a site near the railroad depot and was called the Lenexa post office. It was not incorporated until May 8, 1907. DW Elite Decks became a Lenexa deck builder nearly 90 years after its incorporation.

In the following years, many German, Swiss, and Belgian families came to the area, purchasing lands from the Shawnee and growing bumper crops in the fertile soil. In the 1930s, Lenexa became famous for its superior quality spinach, and over 150 truck farmers contributed to the trainloads of produce, including spinach, which was shipped to Chicago and other eastern markets.

Today, Lenexa is a well-rounded community with over 100,000 people employed in various occupations, including manufacturing, distribution, retail, and professional services. The people of Lenexa take pride in their rich heritage and are committed to preserving the town's oldest buildings and residences. Today, deck builders in Lenexa are benefiting from high demand for their services, as well as a financially comfortable consumer base.


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