About Us: "Distinguished Olathe Deck Builder"

Longtime Consistency Serving the Kansas City Metro

DW has taken great pride in being considered the top Olathe Deck Builder since 1997. 
We are also honored as one of the most reputable Kansas City Deck Builders over the past two and half decades.

Our Goals

Three straightforward but crucial principles have been the foundation of our success:

  • Sincere Customer Service
  • Professional Operations
  • Superior Products

Considered the Top Olathe Deck Builder because we Always have Three Responsibilities for Every Project.

Sincere Customer Service

Sincere Customer Service is a critical element of any successful business. Because we are actively owner-operated, DW management is always accessible to our clientele.

Our full-time dedicated salespeople answer your questions and concerns.

Composite Deck located in Overland Park, Kansas
Composite Deck located in Overland Park, Kansas
Cedar Deck buillt by Olathe Deck Builder
Cedar Deck buillt by Olathe Deck Builder

Professional Operations

DW has built more decks, screened porches, pergolas, and stamped concrete patios than any other deck builder in Kansas City. Extensive experience allows us to develop efficient and effective methods of operation.

~   We pull and pass all required building permits.

~   Delivery and return of materials are efficiently expedited. 

~   All crews' timeliness is mandated daily.

~   Job sites are cleaned and organized every workday.

~   A project manager always performs a thorough final walk-through upon job completion.

Composite Deck built by Olathe Deck Builder
Composite Deck built by Olathe Deck Builder

Superior Products

Our team maintains the highest quality construction standards because we control every craftsmanship detail. In addition, DW Trained & Supervised Crews are focused on retaining our hand-picked carpenters so we can focus on our customers' best interests.

An Olathe Deck Builder, DW Elite Decks, has constructed over four thousand outdoor projects for nearly twenty-five years. If you'd like to see our work in person, you can visit our showroom located in south Olathe, Kansas. Unfortunately, it's open by appointment only. Please call or email first to schedule an appointment?

Cedar Deck buillt by Olathe Deck Builder
Cedar Deck buillt by Olathe Deck Builder

About Our Owner

Dan Milford oversees all sales, operations, and customer service. He emphasizes maintaining direct contact and communication with all of our customers. Dan is very accessible to answer any questions, concerns, or changes. In addition, he visits every job site daily, ensuring each project follows contract specifications and meets our high standards.

Dan personally walks through every finished product before closing up a job site. He checks each project for thorough site clean-up, contract specification adherence, quality of craftsmanship, and materials used

Dan Milford: founder & owner of DW Elite Decks