Composite Decks

Composite decks are the most common type of residential outdoor structure built today. Most people are looking for a deck that requires as little maintenance as possible. Composite decking fits this mold better than any other exterior-grade building material. In addition, most reputable brands have proprietary technology to achieve a very natural look and extreme durability.

Wood-Plastic Composite

The most common type of composite decking produced and installed around Kansas City and throughout the Midwest is what's known as a "cap stock" or "capped composite." Most reputable brands manufacture quality capped composite deck boards. Deckorators is a brand that we most commonly install because their wood-plastic composite and mineral-based composite collections provide a unique variety of choices.


Mineral-Based Composite

Eovations technology makes up Deckorators' premium composite boards. This decking has the best strength-to-weight ratio in the deck industry. The fibrous structure of this decking makes it extremely strong while weighing 35% less than traditional composite decking. This purely plastic deck board is also one of the few deck products rated for ground and water installation. It has virtually no thermal expansion or contraction. In addition, the incredible structural makeup of this unique board prevents it from ever sagging, cracking, chalking, or splintering. It is also a cap stock board. Therefore, it comes with the same 25-Year Warranty as Deckorators' capped-composite decking.

Better yet, their Voyage collection boards have 34% more surface area than any synthetic deck board, which gives it unparalleled traction. Its sure-footed surface makes it great for decks around water such as pools, spas, lakes, and other areas. The Voyage colors are also right in line with today's trends. They are striking, bold, and vibrant. The eye gravitates to all colors, and there's nothing similar in the deck industry.


It Just Makes Sense!

No matter what brand of man-made decking you choose, be assured that this is a product of the present and the future. Composite decks are becoming easier to care for and far more resistant to the elements, along with abuse people throw at them. Furthermore, entry-level composite decks are even less expensive than cedar decks at current prices. Finally, figure the time and cost of cleaning and staining a wood deck; you'll find that they're an astute investment for price conscientious homeowners!