How to Turn Your Deck into a Sweet Work‑From-Home Station

Studies have shown that over 5% of Americans work from home. This number has been rising tremendously amid the COVID-19, which only means that people have to come up with creative ways to stay productive while at home.

Although working from home comes with many benefits, it can be quite challenging to master, especially for beginners. You are required to find the strategies and tools to keep you connected and productive. Although you may not have proper office chairs and desks, there are some creative and cheap ways in which you can make your simple space ideal for work. Below are tips on how to transform your deck into a sweet work from home station.

Sitting in a single position throughout the day can lead to pain in the shoulder, back, and neck. If you do not have a proper office chair and desk in your deck, ensure that you transition positions on the available furniture often. This will prevent strains on your back and keep your productivity consistent.

Placing a pillow underneath your regular seat can help to make it more comfortable. It makes the surface of the seat softer and enjoyable to work on even for longer hours. If you don’t have a pillow, a folded fluffy towel can have the same effect.

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Working from home does not mean that you have to bury yourself with work all day long. You should take breaks as much as you would when working from the office. Set a timer after every thirty minutes to an hour and take a five-minute break when it goes off. You can either take a short walk or do some stretches on the spot to stay alert and keep your body in good health.

If you are a person who struggles with back pain, it is essential to apply lumbar support to your seat. You can either use lumbar support pillows that are specially designed for this purpose or improvise with a towel. If you are using a towel, all you need to do is roll it up and place it between the chair and your lower back for the same effect.

Placing your feet at an elevated surface and stretching increases blood circulation. It, therefore, leaves you fresh and full of energy when working from home. If you are working on a couch on your deck, you can simply place your feet on the seat to achieve this posture. A reclining chair will give you excellent support as well. If you are using an office or dining room chair, you can place floor pillows under your feet for support.

If you do not have a desk to work on, placing your laptop at the ideal position can be difficult. In most cases, the keyboard is either too low or the monitor too high. The perfect position of a monitor is right below your eye level. Ensure that you place your laptop in a position that will not strain your neck as you type or read. If you are working on an intensive task, you can use objects like shoe boxes or a stack of books to elevate it to the right level.

Additionally, ensure that you start and maintain a routine even as you do your remote work from home. It is the best way to remain accountable and coordinate with your team-mates if you have any. Also, ensure that you have everything you may need as you work on-site to avoid unnecessary breaks and destruction.

This article was authored by Aniyah Wicks. Married to a computer geek and raising 2 future nerds, Aniyah is a passionate DIYer and gardening enthusiast. When she isn’t wondering if she has had watered her indoor plants, she writes short articles so that, in due time, she can write a book one day!


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