What sets us apart from other deck builders?

2006 through 2010 - Kansas City Remodeling Industry (2010 "Best Service" award)
2007, 2009 - Andover Research Group "Overall Quality" award
2008 - PSRC (Polls & Surveys Research Council) "Based off cumulative data gathered"
2008, 2009 - Named Kansas City's "Overall Premier Contractor for Continued Excellence" by the Kansas City Remodeling Industry.
2010 - Andover Research Group "Premier Designer" award

2. ONLY DECK BUILDER WITH SHOWROOMS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC:  We are locatable and you can view our craftsmanship up close and personal.

3. EXCLUSIVELY BUILD DECKS:  Unlike many other deck builders, we do not “dabble” in several different trades. Instead, we master and enhance the art of deck construction.

4. MOST COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY:  2 year craftsmanship/ 5 year wood rot

5. OWNER OPERATED:  Always an owner supervising and in direct contact and communication with our customers.

6. In House Employees - Opposed to subcontracting, we employ and retain our own carpenters. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality and achieve consistent results.

Screened Porches & Covered Decks

Screened porches and covered decks gained wide popularity in the Kansas City area over the past decade.  The housing market boom of the 1990’s and early 2000’s made building home equity quick and easy. People often found it possible to achieve full equity by the time they had bought and sold four or five houses. However, the housing market crash of 2008 forced the end of an era when many “jumped” houses every to two five years. This massive new home deflation triggered a significant global recession. Homeowners then began to think of their biggest asset in a different light.


Prior to 2008, screened porches and covered decks made up about twenty-five percent of most Johnson County, Kansas deck builders’ total revenue.  Today, that portion of our business is much closer to seventy-five percent.  Not only does today’s deck builder notice the high demand for a screened porch or covered deck. Take a look at most newly built homes around Kansas City, and you’ll find the same trend.   A screened porch or covered deck now compliments almost all new houses, spec or custom.


There are a few simple reasons attributed to this significant swing in our deck industry.  The main reason most people now seek a screened porch or covered deck is because people are spending more time outside, per day and days per year. Aside from the obvious precipitation elements, a covered deck also provides protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.    This is perpetuated because most subdivisions are developed in areas with little or no mature trees.  A screened porch also provides additional guarding against pesky and harmful insects.  Everyone knows about the terrible diseases mosquitoes carry.  The last few years, our company has also heard numerous complaints about oak mites.  Most people don’t care to share their outdoor space with any of the flying or crawly critters the Midwest offers.

Screen Systems

Innovative products greatly affect the popularity of covered decks and screened porches throughout Kansas City. Screen systems are much easier to install and much stronger than a decade ago. Therefore, callbacks are a thing of the past. This means deck builders are more likely up-sell screens. ScreenEze is the system that DW Elite Decks installs on all its screened porches.  We’ve had zero issues with its performance and absolutely no callbacks. 


Better railing systems are also a big reason for an increase in screened porches.  Today’s powder-coated railings are easy to install. They are also thinner, and therefore, much more transparent than the dated wood members with aluminum balusters.  Westbury, Fortress, and Deckorators ALX Contemporary are some of the “all aluminum” railings that go great around a screened porch’s perimeter.  In addition to greater visibility, they also alleviate the extreme hassle of trying to maintain a wood railing that’s installed in front of a screen.


Aside from the development in deck components, there have also been many advances in some compatible amenities.  Such features make a screened porch or covered deck more comfortable and functional throughout the year. 


Today’s gas fireplaces are more energy efficient, more compact, and produce higher BTU’s than older versions.  Some models are even “self-venting” meaning they don’t need to be vented out the back or through a chimney flue.  Majestic and Napoleon are two brands we commonly install.  Both companies have many different sizes and styles to fit your objectives.


Infrared heaters are also now a tasteful option for an outside heat source.  Most established brands are designing sleeker, more stylish and smaller fixtures that go well with today’s deck schemes.  Infratech is a known contemporary leader in residential outdoor heaters. No more of the bulky, industrial type heaters that you commonly see in commercial applications.

Shades/ Blinds

Pull-down window shades have more than one function.  Some are used to block the sun’s damaging UV rays and brutal summer Western heat.  People also utilize them to trap in heat generated from a fireplace or heater.  They also create much needed privacy they from a neighbor in “too close” a proximity.  Hunter Douglas makes great outdoor blinds offered in a plethora of colors and styles.  They can be customized to fit any window width and/or height. To prevent the wind from having its way, their blinds and shades are secured by thin cables on each side (mounted top & bottom).

Return on investment is far more favorable than years passed if you’re considering a screened porch or covered deck.  This is the main reason for their rise in popularity in Kansas City.  We feel this trend is one that’s here to stay for many years to come.

Screened Porch Picture
Screened Porch in Olathe, Kansas – by DW Elite Decks