What sets us apart from other deck builders?

2006 through 2010 - Kansas City Remodeling Industry (2010 "Best Service" award)
2007, 2009 - Andover Research Group "Overall Quality" award
2008 - PSRC (Polls & Surveys Research Council) "Based off cumulative data gathered"
2008, 2009 - Named Kansas City's "Overall Premier Contractor for Continued Excellence" by the Kansas City Remodeling Industry.
2010 - Andover Research Group "Premier Designer" award

2. ONLY DECK BUILDER WITH SHOWROOMS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC:  We are locatable and you can view our craftsmanship up close and personal.

3. EXCLUSIVELY BUILD DECKS:  Unlike many other deck builders, we do not “dabble” in several different trades. Instead, we master and enhance the art of deck construction.

4. MOST COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY:  2 year craftsmanship/ 5 year wood rot

5. OWNER OPERATED:  Always an owner supervising and in direct contact and communication with our customers.

6. In House Employees - Opposed to subcontracting, we employ and retain our own carpenters. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality and achieve consistent results.

Composite Decks

Composite decks are the most common type of residential outdoor structure being built today. Today’s homeowners want products that reduce or omit maintenance altogether. Composite decking fits this mold as well as any other exterior grade building material. There are many different types of decking products. Most reputable brands have proprietary technology to achieve their unique look and durability.

Today’s market

A “cap stock” or “capped-composite” is the most common type of synthetic decking installed around Kansas City. There are a few established companies that manufacture capped-composite deck boards. The brand that we most commonly install is Deckorators. Their Classic, Vista, and Heritage collections provide a nice variety of tasteful, yet unique, colors and textures.

Capped Composite

Deckorators’ composite decking collections vary somewhat. However, it’s based solely on the appearance of the board. The structural makeup remains the same from one collection to the next. The Classic collection is a traditional monotone colored board with a simple wood grain texture. Vista has the same wood grain embossing as the Classic but with black streaking to provide a natural tropical look. The Heritage choices are enhanced with other variegated colors in addition to black. Heritage also has a distressed hand scraped texture. This gives the appearance of an old style hardwood floor. Deckorators has developed strategic looks with their capped-composite line. They attract a wide array of customers. At least one or more coincides with virtually all house tones, finishes, and architectures.

Deckorators capped-composite deck boards are extruded with a high-density polymer. This makes it extremely durable. We believe these boards are the most stain, fade, scratch and impact resistant. Deckorators backs up their capped-composite deck boards with the most comprehensive warranty in the composite deck industry. They provide a 25-Year Structural, 25-Year Stain & Fade, and 25-Year Removal & Replacement Warranty with all of their composite decking.

Premium Eovations Technology

Deckorators premium composite deck boards are made with their patented Eovations technology. Eovations decking has the best strength-to-weight ratio in the synthetic deck industry. The fiberous structure of this decking makes it extremely strong while weighing 35% less than traditional composite decking. This purely plastic deck board is also one of very few deck products rated for both ground and water installation. It also has virtually no thermal expansion or contraction. In addition, the incredible structural makeup of this unique board prevents it from ever sagging, cracking, chalking, or splintering. It’s also a cap stock board. Therefore, it comes with same 25-Year Warranty as Deckorators’ capped-composite decking.

Eovations’ Collections

Like Deckorators capped-composite decking, the Eovations technology is also available in three collections. These collections also vary in cost relative to how the appearance increases. Frontier is the monotone colored board that represents the traditional look. Vault has the black color integration with the same wood grain as Frontier. Voyage is the newest collection. It boasts “best traction” in the composite decking industry due to a special embossing texture. No other brand has yet achieved this…or even come close. The Voyage board has 34% more surface area than your standard composite deck board. This makes it great for decks around water such as pools, spas, and lakes. The Voyage colors are also right in line with today’s trends. They are striking, bold, and vibrant. The eye gravitates to all five colors. There’s really nothing similar among synthetic decking products.

Be assured that no matter what brand of composite decking you choose, these are products of the present and the future. Composite decks are becoming easier to care for. They’re now far more resistant to nature’s elements and abuse people throw at them. They may be more expensive than wood decks at the initial purchase. However, just figure the time and cost of cleaning and staining a wood deck. You’ll find that they’re a very smart investment, even for price conscientious homeowners!

Composite Deck Picture
Custom Composite Deck in Leawood, Kansas – by DW Elite Decks