What sets us apart from other deck builders?

2006 through 2010 - Kansas City Remodeling Industry (2010 "Best Service" award)
2007, 2009 - Andover Research Group "Overall Quality" award
2008 - PSRC (Polls & Surveys Research Council) "Based off cumulative data gathered"
2008, 2009 - Named Kansas City's "Overall Premier Contractor for Continued Excellence" by the Kansas City Remodeling Industry.
2010 - Andover Research Group "Premier Designer" award

2. ONLY DECK BUILDER WITH SHOWROOMS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC:  We are locatable and you can view our craftsmanship up close and personal.

3. EXCLUSIVELY BUILD DECKS:  Unlike many other deck builders, we do not “dabble” in several different trades. Instead, we master and enhance the art of deck construction.

4. MOST COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY:  2 year craftsmanship/ 5 year wood rot

5. OWNER OPERATED:  Always an owner supervising and in direct contact and communication with our customers.

6. In House Employees - Opposed to subcontracting, we employ and retain our own carpenters. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality and achieve consistent results.

In-House Employees

There is a huge difference between subcontractors and in-house employees.  We know, we’ve used both.  That’s why we now operate with the latter.  It gives us more control and consistency from every level.  Professional, timeliness, quality of work, and customer service are all embedded the same into every member of Our DW Team!

Many deck builders subcontract their work out to other builders.   This means the company showing up at your door to perform the work is not the same company you signed a contract with.  These types of companies are usually one or two man operations where the owner (general contractor) advertises and markets their company name.  Once the job is locked in, they turn the work over to an outside builder (sub contractor) with completely separate legal responsibilities towards your project.  Generally, the sub’s liability is bound to to the general and not the property owner.

Therefore, if you have a problem with the quality of work, construction details, or payment due, it can sometimes cause great conflict by mixing in a third party who was not involved in the signing of the original contract agreement.  A common issue that arises from subcontracting is when the general contractor either does not fully pay or there’s a disagreement between the general and sub on payment.  The sub then places a mechanic’s lien waiver on the property where the work was performed.  The sub is legally entitled to place the lien since they performed the work at the address.  The homeowner is then stuck either paying the sub and going after the general for the initial payment or going through the civil court system to straighten the mess out.

DW Elite Decks uses In-House Employees to keep our standards high and our quality consistent.  We retain our employees by providing health insurance, holiday and vacation pay.  We have carpenters who’ve been with us for over a decade and not one of them has been here under a year.

All of our employees undergo a stringent and thorough background check before they are employment eligible .  Although we’ve never had to use it, nor ever plan to, we also carry a $5,000.00 fidelity bond which protects our customers’ property from theft and malicious destruction.