What sets us apart from other deck builders?

2006 through 2010 - Kansas City Remodeling Industry (2010 "Best Service" award)
2007, 2009 - Andover Research Group "Overall Quality" award
2008 - PSRC (Polls & Surveys Research Council) "Based off cumulative data gathered"
2008, 2009 - Named Kansas City's "Overall Premier Contractor for Continued Excellence" by the Kansas City Remodeling Industry.
2010 - Andover Research Group "Premier Designer" award

2. ONLY DECK BUILDER WITH SHOWROOMS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC:  We are locatable and you can view our craftsmanship up close and personal.

3. EXCLUSIVELY BUILD DECKS:  Unlike many other deck builders, we do not “dabble” in several different trades. Instead, we master and enhance the art of deck construction.

4. MOST COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY:  2 year craftsmanship/ 5 year wood rot

5. OWNER OPERATED:  Always an owner supervising and in direct contact and communication with our customers.

6. In House Employees - Opposed to subcontracting, we employ and retain our own carpenters. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality and achieve consistent results.

A deck continues to produce a nice return on investment.

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A deck continues to produce a nice return on investment.

I know it sounds awfully repetitive because it seems like I post something like this at least once a month.  However, I think it’s one of the more important points I can relay to homeowners and deck builders alike.  Decks have always been and still are one of the more secure investments when it comes to residential home improvement projects.

More proof comes from a U.S. News & World Report which lists the “The 5 Best—and 5 Worst—Home Improvement Projects for Your Money.”  The article explains that a wood deck is the third best home project to spend your money on.  It does a better job articulating the reasons than I do, so the link you just passed will take you there.  The report doesn’t rate PVC or composite decks.  Nor does it mention treated or tropical hardwood decks.  However, I guarantee that just about all types of decks, if properly constructed and of quality craftsmanship, will meet, if not exceed, this type of performance.  Especially if a deck is made from a reputable composite brand such as Evergrain or a top notch material like Azek or a gorgeous, durable product similar to an Ipe or Mangaris tropical hardwood.

Just remember to do your research.  Find a decking that flows with your home and is ideal for your regional environment.  And as always, hire a reputable, professional deck builder.  One who’s built with that exact material more than once.  Trust me, not all deck products are installed the same.  Incorrect installation is not only wearisome and extremely costly; it may even void your warranty.  And what’s the point in that?

For more proof why decks are a sound investment, I’ve attached some of my previous posts:

Hope this helps,

Dan Milford (DW Elite Decks – Kansas City deck builder)

  1. Revered Construction06-07-11

    Your ROI on deck is around 75%. Not to bad when you think of the amount of time you and your family can spend on your new deck.

  2. Decks South Jersey08-12-11

    Great post on decks! If installed properly, maintained and also goes with the flow of your home, then you’ll see an increase in your home value. 🙂

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